Muslim Clothing

Are you one of those couples who strive and work hard every single day in order to provide the best life to their children? There are no holidays, eight to five daily time, weekends and other celebrations that will limit or delay your schedule. The only thing you are focused at is to continue working hard so that you can make ends meet. Being parents to six wonderful children is a reward that also consists of hard work. It is not easy to send all six of your children to school, better yet the best and most prestigious ones in the country, provide them a comfortable place to live in and food at the table for every meal time. Let us not forget their other needs from clothing, a mobile phone and other gadgets that is already considered as a need in order to communicate easily with one another and ease researching problems, clothing to wear everyday, money for transportation, etc. All of these can only be attained if both parents are working hard every single day of their lives in order to be able to give them all the things their children want and needs.

I have personally witnessed what my parents had to undergo and experience more than half of their lives in order to give my siblings and I the best of everything. They did not inherit money from their parents, they do not have a business to start working on, a house to live in as well as experience and knowledge that will help them decide on what are the best decisions that they will benefit from. My father started working in an accounting firm since he is a certified public accountant. On the other hand, my mother is a cum laude graduate with a degree in hotel and restaurant management started as a manager in one of the biggest and most popular fast food chain in the world, McDonalds. They work hand in hand for several years in order to pay for rent and their other needs and as time passes by, their family grew bigger with the birth of each child. They were able to develop a small business that later on became bigger. They went into the trade of export overruns clothing from t shirts, polo shirts, shorts, jeans, undergarments and even ventured at some point into the production of muslim clothing. They have become fully dependent on this business as they considered it their bread and butter providing and covering up for every family members need. That when the economy fell, the industry for clothing also down spiraled. They had a hard time making ends meet, paying for our tuition fee and giving us all our needs. It was the most painful time for the family not because we do not have enough money, because we saw how hard my parents, especially my father took it. We had to sell our cars, get a smaller home and avoid other expenses. Being positive from what had happened, the family drew strength from one another, became more loving, understanding and appreciative of another. Today, we are the ones helping our parents because we have our own jobs that help us support ourselves.