Military Training

One aspect of military training is rapidly becoming a household name. That aspect of military which is becoming better known is a physical training regime which at one time was only undergone by elite law enforcement officers or members of the Special Forces. These were people in uniform that perhaps more importantly than anyone else on Earth, had to often rely on their physical fitness to not only keep themselves alive but also other people alive. This meant that physical fitness training had to be complete and perhaps even radical. It would involve a set of exercises which were extremely testing and on top of that also an element of weight lifting and other disciplines. Not only would these potential heroes have to undergo this training but they would have to excel at it as if they didn’t, lives could be lost. On retiring from their chosen profession, many of these onetime uniform wearers would still keep themselves in peak condition by practicing these extreme regimes on their own, in gyms everywhere. The strength and stamina they displayed whilst training, was impressive and captured the eyes of workout enthusiasts. It was not long before these workout enthusiasts were asking questions about this extreme form of exercise as they wanted to replicate it. As many gym goers across the country and possibly across the world began to start partaking in these extreme workouts, the workouts acquired the name of crossfit and it rapidly gained in popularity. That popularity grew so much that it prompted training shoe manufacturers like Reebok and Nike to design and start to sell trainers that were specifically designed to withstand these extremely rigorous activities. Today these specialized trainers are available from websites like who have found amazingly high sales of them. Those high sales can perhaps in part, be due to crossfit becoming a recognized sport. Known as the sport of fitness, this sport is already enjoying increasing popularity is may one day match some of the other, currently better known sports. The need for specially designed trainers for any sport is due to the fact that without them, many injuries can occur to the foot as the added strain and pressure that is placed on different parts of the foot during different training routines can be overwhelming. If a shoe is specifically designed to be worn whilst playing one particular sport, that shoe will give added support to the parts of the foot which are most at risk to injury during the playing of that sport. Of course though, due to the fact that crossfit training involves multiple disciplines, it also places different parts of the feet at risk at different times and so any shoe designed to give support during these activities, has to be especially `strong and supportive, perhaps more so than any other trainer designed in the past. Regardless of how well these new found athletes perform, you cannot help but wonder how those original, uniformed personnel would have performed if they had had this specialized footwear.